Early Morning Phone Calls

While Forrest was deployed, I developed the habit of sleeping with my phone right next to my face. I can sleep through most any major thunderstorm, but if a phone rings in the night, 9 times out of 10, I’ll hear it. Well this morning was no different (and slightly impressive since I forgot to turn my phone off of vibrate last night). Please make no mistake, I am so proud of Forrest and what he has done, and the fact that he is in the Army. But sometimes, I really hate the NG. The phone call was to inform me that his phone had died due to terrible reception (constantly searching for signal) and that there is a very bad storm. Last night I was told that they had to pick up and move everything they had and be out of there by 5:30 am. My gut is telling me it really doesn’t matter if that major thunderstorm I could sleep through is hitting them right now. So 430 am… it’s nice to see you again, since this would be the third day in a row, so glad we could meet like this again…
Last night a girlfriend of mine from work and I attended a show in Charlottesville. She won tickets, and asked me to go along. We were at the Downtown Mall (or at least that’s where I think we were) and it is so neat! They have a TACO theater… Tacos… and Shows… in one spot. Someone please give me a ticket! Sadly though, that is not the show we attended (I really love Tacos). We went to this really neat little… bar?? I don’t want to call it a restaurant since when we arrived, we asked if the kitchen was open and he said, sorry… the cook called out sick. We had a nice little laugh and made our way down to 5 Guys instead before heading back to start the show. We saw two gentlemen (who’s names I can not remember) that played the guitar. The first guy that played, was… interesting. One of his songs included how much he loved his mattress. He was a little off and kept saying very strange things… We agreed that there must have been some sort of substance in use for him to be that out there. They second guy was the main act. We were both a little more interested after we heard him do a duet with the first performer. Well… he got on stage, immediately drank some beer, and started playing. It wasn’t really my kind of music, but I’ll give the guy credit, he could sing and he played the guitar really well, so I was at least interested in hearing him play… until he said that his dad wanted him to see a shrink (his words not mine) … and then proceeded on a few more minutes about said therapist. My friend and I just looked at each other and jokingly decided that he must be a serial killer. We kept having a good time watching the other people in the very small audience dance along to the music (not normal dancing… the dancing that you wish you could go up to the person and tell them for their own good, they should stop)… and then he sang a song about killing his teacher… We confirmed he was serial killer and also probably on some sort of substance. We left not long after that, and though I wouldn’t buy their CDs, I did have a good time. Sometimes its good to get away and experience something completely different than you’re used to!
While killing time at work yesterday, I got on IKEAs website and picked entirely new bedroom furniture… we are currently sleeping in a double bed… while Forrest may not look that large in the picture I sent earlier, that boys got some broad shoulders. And while Duds may only be 20 pounds… doggie has decided the bed is actually his and it does not matter who is sleeping, he will sleep in whatever position and wherever he pleases (we made the mistake of letting him sleep in the bed with us… looking back a very poor idea, but he needed lots of love and attention when we got him, so it seemed like the right thing to do at the time). Cuddling is nice and all… but I need some space! While I’m not a huge fan of IKEA (particle board makes me cringe)… I found an entire bedroom suit made out of solid hardwoods… no veneers, no particle board! For about $800 (estimating high for shipping since we are 3 hours away from the closest store and have NO free weekends). Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be able to do a before and after shot of our mix-matched bedroom to a new one!
Hubbie comes home at some point today… and I’m counting down the hours. Maybe once its no longer a ridiculously early hour, me and Duds will go for a nice long walk (out of tall grass… away from ticks… maybe just solid concrete… where there are no ticks… anywhere). We’re gonna take it easy today until Daddy (as Duds so affectionately calls him) gets home!

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